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Join Us

Thinking of joining the team? Great! Our main recruitment drive runs from September through October but we welcome new members throughout the year. To find out more about what we do and how to get involved, come along to of our welcome and introduction events, detailed below and check out our socials.

The Process

At USM, we don't do application forms or interviews. If you want to get involved, simply contact us, turn up and give it some effort!

Once you have gotten a feel for the team and picked a system to be involved in, you will begin on the team's 'development block'. This involves learning theory of racecar design and gaining practical skills through software workshops (CAD, FEA, CFD, Matlab...) and short induction projects. If you join the business system you you will be straight into developing the business case to compete in the business event at competition!

After the first semester, you will begin working as part of the 'Concept Team' - where, under leadership of a Concept System Head, you will gain real-world experience of developing parts and components as part of your system.

The concept team runs throughout the second semester and finishes with a design review and presentation to senior team members. We then move into competition season, with the chance to go to competition in the UK or abroad!

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