In line with real world trends of electrification, the Formula Student competition has enjoyed a surge of EV teams worldwide. For us at USM, it was an obvious choice - from a vehicle performance perspective, as well as the chance to innovate in a drive toward net-zero. Committing the switch from combustion to electric 3 years ago, USM began the ground work for the move back in 2019...


  • Points Trade-Off Conducted

  • E-Powertrain Research and Development

  • Accumulator Design begins

  • Motor and Motor Controller Specified


  • System Design begins

  • Powertrain Major Procurement

  • Drivetrain Integration work


  • Lockdown and Project Halt

  • Combustion Car Revived to run at FSUK21

  • Final procurement complete

  • Build now underway



Transitioning to be all-electric has certainly proved a challenge! Our Head of E-Powertrain, Dominik Lajkep, had the following to say: 

"The most difficult aspect of going electric was the sheer amount of new technologies that we suddenly had to work with without any foundations to build on. But we rose to the challenge - taking a step back and thinking from the ground up."

With manufacture ongoing, the entire team is focused on delivering 3 years of hard work. We look forward to getting USM21 on track and witnessing our electric dreams come true.