Humans of USM: Meet Our Commercial Director

​Sabrina is our Commercial director here at USM which means she oversees and keeps track of everything non-tech. When you think of Formula Student, the commercial side probably isn't the first thing you think about, but it is a massive part of running the team. Social Media presence is important for exposure, as well as seeking out institutions that are able to help. Keeping track of all of this is down to Sabrina and the commercial team. They communicate with our various stakeholders and collaborators within Strathclyde and out with the university too through organising our presence at external events, like fayres, and constructing professional business presentations on models and ideas for our USM team.

Overall, Sabrina is a key connection between the commercial and technical team. Having been a part of two other Formula Student teams, Sabrina is on her 4th Season within the community, but has only joined USM this year as our Commercial Director. Currently, she studies International Marketing postgraduate at Strathclyde after completing a bachelor's in Supply Chain Management at a university in Berlin. She completed a semester abroad at the University of Pittsburgh too. She was able to meet the USM team at last year's competition, and so she discovered that Strathclyde had a great Formula Student team, and this fact coupled with the Business' Schools reputation brought her to study at Strathclyde.

Sabrina talked about how her love for Formula Student was solidified when she attended the event in Germany this year. The unity across all the different teams from across the world was incredible, and she loved that despite the fact that it was a competition, everyone was willing to help one another when they had difficulties as everyone recognised that they were in the same boat. "There was a magic...People in Formula Student are drawn to each other, its magnetic." If that doesn't want to make you join Formula Student then I don't know what will. The commercial side of Formula Student is different to fixing and racing cars, but it is still a hell of a lot of fun.​​

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