Humans of USM: Meet Our Team Manager

​Hey everyone! Welcome to a brand new thing we're trying out here at Strathclyde: Humans of USM. This is your way to get to know the team: from the team heads who always look far too busy for you to even attempt to get to know them to the little old first years trying to find their place at Strathclyde and in the Formula Student team.

"I am the most hard working person on this team." Yep, direct quote from our team manager Colin Waddell, and despite the fact that he was joking, he does have a point there. Colin is responsible for overseeing everything during the year. He is responsible for keeping the commercial and technical sides of the team in contact, for making sure the team has all the resources necessary - funds and materials - and for the health and safety aspects too. He is the middle man between the uni and the team, and oversees budgeting. Everyone works hard at USM, he just gets the important title for all he does!

Colin joined Formula Student when he was in his 1st year because he wanted to do more beyond his degree and because he liked the attitude of the team as a whole. He saw that the older members in the team were pretty competent in their engineering skills, and also that it looked like fun(which it definitely definitely is).

His favourite moment so far at USM? Due to his contributions in first year he was invited with the team to Formula Student UK. It was all put into perspective for him there how seriously this was taken for the 5000 students that take part every year. This had quite a memorable impact for him, and definitely drew him back in for a 2nd year. His final word to anyone who is considering joining USM is how quickly and easily new members could develop in the technical side of the team if that's what you're interested in. Remember that he started out just like you; a clueless first year drawn in by the fact that it just sounds pretty cool, and just look how it turned out for him!

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