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USM 11

The USM11 design team started from a relatively clean sheet of paper, with most of the designers new to their roles. An update to Honda's more recent CBR600RR was necessitated due to lack of parts and availability of the older F4i, leading to a complete overhaul of the engine system. 

Chassis and suspension designs saw the major changes, with a move to pushrods on the front and a half-swept-back wishbone configuration on the rear, allowing the removal of several rear chassis tubes. New uprights, halfshafts, driveshafts and diff mounts were all designed to reduce overall mass, and a new AP Racing brake balance bar was fitted to improve braking feedback.

Other modifications included an upgraded ECU, a bespoke rapid-prototyped intake system and a redesigned dry sump plate. USM11 performed extremely well at both the UK and German competitions, unfortunately suffering from an electrical fault (Silverstone) and cooling leak (Hockenheim) during the Endurance events.


Vital Stats

  • Wheelbase: 1535mm

  • Track (front/rear): 1200mm/1180mm

  • Wet Weight: 227kg

  • Chassis: Mild steel spaceframe construction

  • Engine: Honda CBR600RR8 (20mm intake restrictor)

  • Fuel: Shell V-Power

  • Electronics: DTA S80 programmable ECU, Race Technology DL1 data-acquisition system

  • Transmission: Standard bike sequential gearbox, chain driven Drexler limited slip differential

  • Brakes: Four outboard disk brakes, water jet cut 4130 floating discs, Wilwood calipers

  • Wheels: 13" X 7" OZ Superleggera Competizione

  • Tyres: Goodyear Eagle FSAE 20.0x7-13 

  • Suspension: Non-parallel unequal length double wishbone suspension front and rear, pushrod actuated four-way adjustable Ohlins/Cane Creek dampers (FSAE edition), adjustable anti-roll bars

  • Bodywork: Combination of fibreglass, carbon fibre and aluminium

  • Safety: FIA approved 6-point harness, quick release steering wheel, frontal impact attenuator

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