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Season 2022-2023

USM23 is Scotland’s first running electric vehicle, competing at Silverstone (FSUK) and Hockenheim (FSG). USM23 is a culmination of efforts from the entire team over the past four years and the team are proud to have achieved our goal of sustainable racing. 






Emrax 228 with chain drive

Mild Steel Spaceframe, dacron body panels

DWT AlumiLite Sport Blue Label

R20B 16x7.5 10x7

Double wishbone, direct actuated front, pushrod actuated rear with torsional ARB


Custom 5-element carbon fibre front wing

Custom 5-element carbon fibre rear wing

Custom 2-element carbon fibre side wing


227 Kg

FSUK 2023

Our journey to FSUK was not without its obstacles. However, everyone in the team put in countless hours in designing, testing, and fixing the car such that it was race ready for FSUK. We are proud to have achieved our finish to date, 4th overall at FSUK. Here’s a quick competition recap from USM23 team manager, Oliver Bailey: 


“The week began with scrutineering, with everything going mostly smoothly only minor fixes were required to satisfy the judges of our design. This in and of itself is a fantastic achievement for a second year EV team, but the success didn't stop there... 


  In the static events, the Business team produced a professional presentation which resonated with the judges and placed 11th. In design, our Technical team, armed with their documentation, impressed the judges and ended up in 10th place.  


  In Cost, we faced a tough session, placing us 16th but with some key takeaways for next year! 


  In the Lap Time Simulation event, the Vehicle Dynamics team tuned the virtual car within an inch of its life and ended up 8th overall. Very solid points for the whole team!  


  Moving into the dynamic events. On Saturday, we began with the Skidpad event where changing conditions put us onto wet tyres. However, our drivers still managed to find the grip and put the car into 4th place. Unfortunately, in acceleration, we had some issues with the throttle cutting out and finished in 13th overall. 


  Saturday afternoon saw the Sprint event, where lightning-fast laps from our 2nd set of drivers saw us go momentarily into 3rd place before Coventry took the win in the dying moments of the event, demoting us to 4th . Yet, we achieved the fastest EV lap time! 


On Sunday morning, we made some changes to the motor controller to fix the throttle issues, and our drivers got some practice time in the car, preparing for the endurance event. Our first driver went off like a rocket and passed all on the circuit, setting fastest laps constantly. Sadly, all was not plain sailing as both drivers experienced stoppages due to the shutdown circuit opening. Both kept their composure and managed to get the car running. Finally, the car crossed the line and marked the first time that the team has finished Endurance in 8 years.” 

FSUK Results: 

Overall: 4th 

Design: 10th 

Cost: 16th 

Business: 11th 

Skidpad: 4th 

Accleration: 11th 

Autocross: 4th 

Endurance: 6th 

Efficiency: 2nd 

FSG 2023

USM23 is also our first car to go abroad since 2018! In August we headed to Hockenheim to compete in the pinnacle of Formula Student, FS Germany. This was our first outing at FSG with an electric vehicle and we passed scrutineering and competed in all dynamic events. 

FSG Results: 

Overall: 49th 

Design: 60th 

Cost: 47th 

Business: 49th 

Skidpad: 34th 

Accleration: 40th 

Autocross: 19th 

Endurance: 14th 

Efficiency: 9th 

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