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Season 2020/2021

Due to Coronavirus restrictions resulting in limited access to our workshop, we entered USM19 into the FSUK21 competition as a '2 Year Vehicle' with some modifications to meet rules.

Minor changes appeared on the aerodynamics package, with 2 extra elements on the rear wing and a new mounting and adjusted E2 on the front wing. The headrest position was also changed to meet rules. Another improvement was the use of dacron bodypanels on our chassis, and of course a new eye-catching livery.

With over 200km of testing already carried out on USM19, we continued to test USM19A where and when we could. Overall USM19A was successful in being the 2nd lightest car at competiton, the 2nd car to get through scruitineering, and delivering a respectable 8th place in Sprint and Acceleration and 10th Place in Skidpad at FSUK.






2009 Suzuki LT-R450, 450 CC

Mild Steel Spaceframe, dacron body panels

DWT AlumiLite Sport Blue Label

Hoosier LC0 6.0/18-10″

Double wishbone, direct actuated front, pushrod actuated rear with torsional ARB


Custom 2-element carbon fibre front wing

Custom 5-element carbon fibre rear wing


172.5 Kg

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