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Season 2015/2016

With the team of USM16 being made largely of new members, efforts were focused on team education and refinement of existing design and build quality. The result was a team that, by the end of the season, had a solid understanding of the car and had been able to innovate a new composites manufacturing method, creating a new standard of carbon fibre bodywork and aerodynamic components.


Although engine problems prevented USM16 from performing in dynamic events at Formula Student UK and Germany, a year of design refinements meant the car performed very well in static events, placing a respectable 5th in Cost & Sustainability at FSUK and 8th in the business presentation at FSG!


2009 Suzuki LT-R450, 450 CC


Mild Steel Spaceframe


DWT AlumiLite Sport Blue Label


Hoosier LC0 6.0/18-10″


Unequal length A arm, direct actuated, pull-rod actuated rear with torsional anti-roll bar


Custom 7-element carbon fibre front wing

Custom 3-element carbon fibre rear wing


175kg (no driver)

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