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Season 2018/2019

USM19 was the first car that the team achieved a sub 170kg car with wings. The car weighing in at an impressive 169.5kg. A new aerodynamic package achieved greater down-force while being able to reduce drag and weight through the use of a swan neck mounting solution. The team took every component into consideration with the goal of making each part lighter in order to meet our design philosophy of a lightweight racecar.


Along with a lighter car the team managed to achieve over 200Km of testing with the new design helping to improve drivability and reliability issues, that had caused problems in the past.  


2009 Suzuki LT-R450, 450 CC


Mild Steel Spaceframe, carbon fibre panels


DWT AlumiLite Sport Blue Label


Hoosier LC0 6.0/18-10″


Unequal length A arm, direct actuated, push-rod actuated rear with torsional anti-roll bar


Custom 2-element carbon fibre front wing

Custom 3-element carbon fibre rear wing


169.5 Kg (no driver)

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