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Season 2017/2018

With the introduction of a newly designed aerodynamic package and a heavy focus on data acquisition to validate design choices, USM18's primary design aims were to further reduce mass across the whole car based off results attained from simulations and sensitivity analysis.

Further innovation within the chassis subsystem also improved USM18 from its predecessor, such as bonding the carbon floor panels to the space-frame itself, thereby increasing the overall torsional stiffness of the chassis.


Winning Santanders 'Most Improved Combustion Car' award along the way was testament to the hard work put into USM18 over the past year, with an extra £5000 for next years budget promising further success for the next season. Due to a conflicting rule between FSG and FSUK competitions regarding circuit breakers, the team was unable to finish the endurance race at either event.


2009 Suzuki LT-R450, 450 CC


Mild Steel Spaceframe, carbon fibre panels


DWT AlumiLite Sport Blue Label


Hoosier LC0 6.0/18-10″


Unequal length A arm, direct actuated, pull-rod actuated rear with torsional anti-roll bar


Custom 5-element carbon fibre front wing

Custom dual element carbon fibre rear wing


173kg (no driver)

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